Tweed Stampede Pro Xtreme Bull Freestyle

For a 2nd year, the Tweed Stampede & Jamboree will host the Coors Pro Xtreme Bull Freestyle (PXBF) in Tweed, Ontario  on April 25, 2020. PXBF features bull freestyles competing alongside a 1,200lbs bull in an action-packed extreme sport competition. A fast growing event affiliated to rodeo, bull freestyle showcases the athleticism of both athletes: Man vs. Beast. Crowds will be entertained with the action watching this adrenaline packed show.
 Ross Millar president of RMG stated, “We are excited to introduce Pro Xtreme Bull Freestyle to Ontario. The Coors PXBF tour will attract top Bull Freestylers with their points counting towards the ABF Finals in Las Vegas Finals later that year."
 These events will feature 2 shows each day with Championship dollars awarded.

Tweed Stampede Xtreme
 Tweed Stampede & Jamboree- Stoco Lake Lodge @ Trudeau Park
 July 31, 2020

Tickets can be purchased only through Tweed Stampede & Jamboree. Please visit their event website at:


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